Geek girl. Addicted to travel. I love both space tech and Earth’s natural beauty. Hippie child. Writer. Mother of 2 grown boys.

Your uniqueness — not perfection or status — is what the world needs.

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Abusive situations are not the only ways life can steal our creativity. Something as seemingly positive-sounding as perfection can also hinder our creative self.

Have you ever visited an art museum or read a book and thought, what in the world did I just see or read? That’s not art. I could do better than that. But it is art. Creativity is your expression of your art in any form and it does not have…

Mentors and editors can help reveal your true colors

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Some days it feels like our writing just flows like a swiftly running river. Other days it feels like we’re writing through quicksand. Creativity is like that. We’ll have good days and bad days and many in between. Sometimes we can write for hours on end and some days we’re staring at a blank screen.

Our output can be hit or miss, but our input needs to be consistent. For a writer, input is about educating ourselves on writing craft, doing research for articles, traveling and having fun to fill our creative wells, as well as honing our storytelling skills…

Don’t let the world steal your creativity.

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There have been times when I’ve lost my creative passion. We all do.

We all experience times of creative drought, loss of creativity, and passion. That childlike curiosity and openness has been hurt and crushed or just plain stomped on.

I didn’t realize how much I needed creativity back into my life until I was looking up from the bottom of a hole I’d found myself in. Why does it take a traumatic, depressing, dangerous, near death, or horrible experience to make us realize that we still need that passionate, creative human side of us in order to survive? …

It was easier than explaining the truth.

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The first four Father’s Days of my life were spent traveling to a Colorado prison.

My parents married in the sixties. As Californian hippies, they managed rock concerts, hitchhiked across the United States, and they had participated in many protests. Mom mostly protested against racial injustices, and my father protested in favor of legalizing marijuana.

After they moved to Colorado, Mom attended one of the universities there. My father started vet school. But his addiction to drugs soon tore our family apart. A few months after I was born, federal agents arrested my father for selling marijuana to minors.


Leave the damaging “red mind” behind and go swimming.

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At the beginning of each year cabin fever is prevalent in most of the northern states in the USA. Especially in the mountains where snow and cold temperatures may remain for three or more months out of the year.

By March most of us are yearning to get back outside after a long winter. Walking, running, bicycling and summer sports are either difficult or mostly impossible when there’s snow on the ground or the temperature is freezing. …

Retinal toxicity is rare, but patients taking hydroxychloroquine for arthritis, malaria, and now COVID-19 need to educate themselves about its side effects.

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As we navigate the reopening of our countries, COVID-19 is on our minds, in our government and corporate policies, and everywhere in the news. Frenzied research is happening all over the world to find either a cure or a vaccine.

Anxiety is high, and rightfully so. The world has never been shut down as much or for as long as we’ve experienced the last few months. …

Love and Respect are truly the most important, yet scarce, forces in our world.

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When I was a young girl I had a lot of bad experiences at school. The problem during these early years was that I was the dirty hippie child. I lived in the mountains of Montana on ninety-one acres with nine other families, made up of single women with children.

I was raised to love and respect all people, take care of our Earth, and adore anything space or science-related. My mom made sure I spent time in community classes that taught computers as well as learning how to spot edible plants.

Although living off a paper-carrier wage, my mom…

Four and a half ways you can get through these sucky days and rock your success.

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It’s hard to stay creative and inspired these days. Heck, some days it’s hard to just get out of bed. Our world has fallen apart: coronavirus, natural disasters, economies failing, and riots and unrest in cities across America.

To say that some days suck is a gross understatement. For most people, every day is full of sickness, fear, mental illness, health issues, pain, hunger, racism, hatred, and worry about finances and the future of our children.

But in order to survive this dark cloud over our lives and to rock our future success and happiness, we need to look forward…

How to thrive in a world where surviving has been the only priority.

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I’m tired of just surviving.

Do you know that nagging whisper at the back of your mind telling you that there’s got to be more to life than what we’re experiencing? That voice has been screaming at me the past few years. It got louder as my life got smaller during our months of quarantine.

And no, I’m not having a midlife crisis.

I’m having an upper limit crisis.

Gay Hendricks talks about this upper limit problem in his book The Big Leap. Everyone should read this…

How to write your own story and leave the negative voices in the past.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I’ve seen this quote on bracelets, wall hangings, and memes lately. It speaks to me because everything in our whole world seems to be hard right now. It’s never been easy or perfect with our politics, degrading societies, and economies blowing up, but it’s been especially difficult this year.

My mentor has been encouraging me to be more loving toward myself and to believe I deserve all the goodness in my life and in my future. I know that sounds simple. It seems attainable, easy even. …

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