My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

Four days into the Bootcamp and I have already been impacted positively. I shared with you yesterday how I’ve met some interesting people and how they have made my learning experience more interesting and easier. Today I want to share with you some of my other experiences so far.

In addition to meeting new people and making friends, I now have a better understanding of software development concepts like Object Oriented Programming and Web services among others. I have learnt how to write ES6 standard code and how to use tools like Version Control (GIT), Node Package Manager, Pivotal Tracker and Trello board in developing software applications.

Finding out more about these concepts and tools have already grown my interest in becoming a world class software developer. Not only will I be able to build solutions to real problems, I have various tools at my disposal that makes it more fun to do and will help me ensure I deliver quality product on time.

The Bootcamp has also helped me to learn more about the growth mindset and how to manage feedback. I have had the opportunity to apply new things as I learn them and this has given me quite an experience in problem solving. I also get descriptive feedback on the work I have submitted so far and they have been very helpful.

It’s been a wonderful experience so far. I have learnt a lot and I enjoy my interactions with other like-minded people.

I am so looking forward to the rest of the journey.