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Developers tend to use state management solutions to solve some common problems developing modern single page applications. Building a modern web application using Angular you might not need to opt-in for a state management solution right away (it depends) but when the day comes NGXS is your best choice and here is why.

Why you should choose NGXS:

  1. Bulletproofed: NGXS was built back in Feb 2018. Since then, for many years, it has been chosen by many dev teams and companies as a state management solution for their Angular apps. Now there are 3.4+ million npm downloads to date!
  2. Backed by an awesome team: NGXS is an open source project maintained by a team of great software engineers from across the globe with a combined experience of 80+ years in software development. …


Aliaksei Kuncevič

I teach Angular • Google Developer Expert • NGXS Core Team • Creator of

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