What to do About It. Financial Activism as a Powerful Solution

“15th 16th 17th Century mercantilism
Tax the commons
Build a war chest

Commission a ruthless conqueror to explore a new region rich with gold and spices.

Build wealth. Repeat.

Invest in military manufacturing at a low price.

Send an army of lobbyists to influence representatives to build a war chest.
Shift tax burden to the labor class.

Give tax relief to the wealthy and subsidize military weapons manufacturing. Target regions rich with oil and other resources. Send black ops to destabilize region. Sell weapons to both…

How Knowing the 3 Stages of Spiritual Evolution can Help You, the Multipassionate Polymath.

I think the key issues here are:

  1. Pleasure Versus Meaning.
  2. Passion Versus Purpose.

Your Passion is Not Your Purpose.

Let me start right off by saying that your Passion is not your Purpose. And your Purpose isn’t the one single thing you’re supposed to do either.

I think the biggest sticking point/challenge for us multipotentialites is the whole world telling us we should pick only one thing — and nothing else! I think only ants are here to specialize. We are not ants. Lol (No offense to ants. They are awesome).

Your Purpose is really a collection of your Genius, Super Power, Deepest Virtue, community you’re…

An Innovative Alternative Approach to Health and Wellness

I got really sick just before Christmas weekend — fever, headache, runny nose, stomach ache, weak body, cold flashes and more! Luckily, many people sent healing energy which helped a lot.

This sickness inspired me to do more research about health and wellness because I never want to get this sick ever again. Luck was on my side because I was on Youtube and the first video that I saw (without even looking for it) was this video on why intermittent fasting is so important:

This video really simplified things for…

Recovering from my Addiction to DOING…and just…BEING…

Breathing with you, in this moment…taking a deep breath and letting out a big sigh…deep exhale…holding space for your doubts and fears…all your pain and suffering…being a yes to them…while being simultaneously aware you and I are both so much more!

May your Yes help you melt into the bigger Yes of this moment!

This…vast Love and Freedom…

  • ******************************

An incredible miracle happened one morning.

Due to birth complications, I apparently don’t have nerve endings on my left toes and foot.

Well, one night, I learned that there’s a hidden brain in your…

This is part 1 of a series I am starting on examples of low-level racism from white moderates and spiritual liberals that end up having the effect of the “death of a thousand little cuts”.

Case in point — using the word “attacked” when you’re not actually attacked, deleting comment threads, claims of “reverse racism” and accusing a BIPOC of “calling you names” just because you brought out the dreaded word “racism” or even using the false equivalence logical fallacy of comparing BIPOC to the alt-right. (Danielle Laporte’s recent reactions to being called out on her racist imagery is an…

Photo Credit:
Ksenia Makagonova from Unsplash.

The advocates who solely insist on patience often come from a privileged position relative to those who come from a place of urgency. This is true even when those calling for “patience” or “long-arc” approaches are themselves marginalized or oppressed.

Those coming from a place of urgency do so because they are the ones most oppressed/marginalized OR because they have information the others don’t.

So, let’s break down some of the urgent issues facing the planet today:

For those people fighting against gentrification in Santa Ana, CA, this issue is urgent for them because they could well become homeless if…

First watch this August 2015 TED talk by Eesha Khare for Context:

The supercapacitor | Eesha Khare | TEDxCibeles

In that one, she reveals her invention of the “super-capacitor” using new nano-materials and a new nano-structure that won her an Intel Science Fair Award.

And now, watch this TED talk of her journey since then that reveals eye-opening insights about creativity — and what she learned from her upbringing in her training as an Indian Classical Dancer:

How to make your mind dance | Eesha Khare | TEDxTeen

About the Curator Kundan Chhabra

Examples of Using Art to Transform Suffering, Insecurity and Psychological Weapons into Beauty, Connection, Playfulness and Strength.

People Get Tattoos on Body Parts They Feel Insecure About.

Dance As Alchemy

John Oliver Trolls the Vice President.

Ellen: “It’s Number One on Amazon as of right now.”

John Oliver: “Is it? We are actually sold out because we weren’t actually expecting people to buy it. But we are doing a second printing…”


And then some more high-level trolling on Amazon is done by brilliant Amazon reviewers. >>>

2 Powerful Visual Poems I don’t know how to categorize.

The Printing Machine by Kalki Koechlin

Noise by Kalki Koechlin

Transforming a Psychological Weapon into a Beautiful Pen-Holder

May we all start co-creating more spaces that help us enjoy more Inner Connection, True Community Nurturance and Nourishing Systems

Click here to watch this powerful visual poetry and read all about it on Patreon.

A Commitment to a New Nurturance Culture Beyond the Consent Debate

The inspiration for the empathy pledge is inspired by:

  1. The Consent Pledge
  2. My years of work helping men be a source of Stability and “Nurturance” for everyone in the room.
  3. A desire for men to actually become interested in a woman’s feelings and emotional journey while enjoying the actual connection itself, whatever that may be.
  4. The Article, “The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture” by Nora Samaran
  5. The Importance of Environmental Context and Emotional Context in Sexual Relationships according to the research of Emily Nagoski, as documented in…


Creator of "the Alignment Code" & “Mental Kung Fu” for deep long-term fulfillment+clear boundaries: helping visionaries express their most meaningful idea yet!

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