Every moment, you’re either creating something completely new and original that makes the world a better place, OR you’re re-creating the past.

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative.

Every moment, you’re either creating OR re-creating.

Your mind re-creates the past.

Your heart, your body, co-creates a completely new present moment every moment.

Moments of joy, appreciation and utter awe you’re moved to tears.

Words of Beauty.

Poetry in your very movements.

New inventions.

Liberated magical connections we’ve never felt before.

A love that is so intense it just wants to keep pouring out new beautiful creations…

You ARE this Love, this Co-Creative Joy, this intensity…

You can either trust It, surrender to It and sky-dive into It, free-falling, yelling, “Hallelujah!”

OR you can stay stuck in what happened yesterday, or your beliefs about who you were.. And re-create everything you don’t want.

Everything you believe about yourself or the past is who you were.

Everything that is pure present moment awareness constantly co-creating beauty with the world is who you ARE right NOW.

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Oh Deep Stillness!

Oh Vast Love!

Oh Joyful Freedom!

Make me an Instrument of Thy Peace,

An Ambassador of Thy Sweetness!

A Fountain of Thy Creativity!

A Channel of Thy Compassion!

A Flower of Thy Fragrance!

A Waterfall of Thy Wisdom!

A Messenger of Thy Marvelousness!

A Source of Thy Abundance!

An Offering of Thy Altar!

What a Joy it is to share this Ecstasy, this Fullness, this Completeness, with others!

What Ecstasy it is to bring back the Silence, this Profound Sweetness, back to the world so that others may experience it too!

How rich it is to be at the Mountain top, see the Promised Land, and bring back the Good News!

Then join the Co-Meditation Co-Creativity Project that’s all about living this way of life. Watch the video below to see the kind of meditation technique we use for this:

Would you like to rise above this Norm?

Would you like to create more than you consume?

Would you like to feel that deep level of fulfillment when you co-create for everyone’s deepest Joy?

Then join the Co-Meditation Co-Creativity project. PM me for more info!

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