Rookie Astrologer claims to have god’s power. Then blocks me for trying to question her claim.

Let’s set this right at the very beginning.

I know a lot of people who swear by the infallibility of their astrologers, and there are many more who swear at them for their in-the-face rough manners, penchant for defrauding people and hyping their abilities a hundred times. Then there are some who say Astrology is great, but astrologers are bad. Well, I want to leave it to its user to define it for himself or herself.

I just want to narrate an incident that just happened on Facebook. I have a Facebook account that I sometimes use to follow a few pages and groups, but hardly find time to post much.

One fine evening, I am just browsing through FB quickly, and suddenly I come on to a page that says they can improve or correct or better your “life energy”. I go through the posts on the page. It just has the old, cliched Vastu and Astrology totkas that were popular 20 years ago.

I have talked to hundreds of people, and have heard a lot of queer phrases. But I don’t remember coming across an astrologer claiming to “treat or better” your life energy. So, I just messaged her to know more.

I would like to say here that at times, I give my birth details to some astrologers and if they even tell me 2–3 things precisely, I give them some money. It depends on the fatness of my wallet at the moment.

So, I send the astrologer a message out of curiosity:

Me — What do you need for life energy check?

Astrologer — I need recent photograph and dob…and rs1100 consultancy fees also.

Me — How do you do this? And what are the percivable benefits?

I give away my birth details. I normally don’t give it online. But I was curious.

Now let me point you to the interesting things she says in Hindi.

Astrologer (in Hindi) — Aapko bata dungi future

In English, she says — I will tell you your future.

In Hindi , she says — Kya hoga ya hone wala hai ..aur jo problem hai uska solution bhi bata dungi

In English — I will tell you what is going to happen (now) and what will happen (in future).

And she claims that she will tell me the solution to my problems as well.

And I ask — How? Do you have any siddhi?

The astrologer says — Mere pas “god ka power hai”.

In English, it means I have “god’s power”.

It have heard tens of astrologers claiming different siddhis and special knowledge. But this is the first time that someone is claiming to have “god ka power”, or “god’s power”.

Now I want to ask a few more questions from her. But she realizes that it would be too much for her. So she abruptly claims that I am chatting from a fake account, and then blocks me from asking any further question.

Oh my goodness! Here she claims to have god’s power, and she cannot know if I am chatting from a fake or genuine Facebook account. What a preposterous claim from a duffer and untrained astrologer!

This is the dark side of having too many astrology websites and YouTube videos. You read a few blog posts, watch a few videos and you become an astrologer. And you start claiming to have “god’s power”.

I have seen it many times personally and have heard it from friends how a large number of astrologers just misrepresent their knowledge and exaggerate their abilities and say anything and everything to get a client.

They don’t bother about the harm, confusion and loss of confidence they will cause to the client. People who claim to represent something should be very sincere how they portray it to its consumer base or to the wider world. It’s hard time astrologers took notice of this.

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