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I’ve been thinking about the Sopranos lately after another series I was watching ended in a similar fashion. The disappointment I felt watching this other, much less relevant series tainted the whole series for me. Perhaps it is because it wasn’t as well executed, but it got me thinking about the Sopranos ending, and then along came your article. While an incredibly influential ending, I was wondering if the series’ legacy would’ve benefited from a different ending. For instance, how would we feel about the series today if Tony had gotten shot in the final frames? Sometimes I feel like the ending has overshadowed how great of a series it was — the ending is the first thing I think about when I think about the Sopranos. A testament to the incredible impact of that ending for sure, but there were so many great story lines and so many great seasons that take a backseat to that ending (well, except maybe those Janice story lines). I’ve just been wondering “what if.”

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