Sprinting on and on..

Where did we leave at on the previous blog? ooooh yeah, here . I the problem to my previous challenge was that due to change in upstream dependencies. Also I learnt that it can also be cause by an indirect dependency that was updated. Well I guess am picking up new things on the go. Newest experience being Heroku, and developing web applications with python. Which is awesome

Code sprint just got reall

So far the race is good. Boot camp tension fading away as I get to adapt with working remotely, features and code lines getting familiar. Also Coding tasks starts revolving around same problem. Though we are working remotely relationships are building up, asking and answering questions through the slack channel. Experiencing growth each and every minute.

Don’t get me wrong, the challenges are not getting easy. In fact more effort, determination and commitment is required as days go by. The passion we have for code being the driving factor to work for the ultimate goal-onsite boot camp and that contract. As we stated it last time- Roof top dance.

Everyone in the boot camp is working hard,helping each other solve problems along the way. Best feeling came across when I helped on a fellow boot camper on an idea on a pull request he had made and he actually implemented it. It was great sharing what I have picked up during college as it is playing a pivotal role and making my life easier at the boot camp.

There’s another challenge that I must overcome. This one will come along on daily basis up to the end of the challenge. As long as I issue a push request, I must check the code climate score. Coding just got a little trickier :) . But… As the going gets tough, we get tougher.

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