Tensions running high..

It is said, maintaining 1st position is much harder than becoming number one. I thought things will get easier as I adapt with new challenges, but to my surprise, I was ...

Today I got stuck again. But this time it something very silly. Using 2 different CLI and my imports not working at all. The reason I call it silly is that I spent hours wondering why imports are not working yet i have installed all dependencies required to run a flask app .

Sometimes you press keys and wish magic will happen and your code will work on its own.

This time I did something different, I approached one of the group members in barca-andela channel. The reason I did this is because he requested me to have a look at his pull request and to my surprise his commit messages are proffesionally written. I like creating relationships that add value to my life and this particular one I had to.

Dropped him an inbox and he was very much ready to help. He proposed I use one CLI for python and the other for git. Doing that did magic. I guess my lack of sleep in the previous night is causing my brain to slow down ;) Lesson learnt, pay attention to the smallest details. They make a very big difference.