Not to get too off-track, my point is, men should not have “potential.” If they’re men already, and deserving of that descriptive tag, they should already be doing, not storing up. They should be working, fulfilling their potential, actively using it, emptying and re-filling their vessel, leveraging their energy to create, to do, to move forward.
On dating men with “potential”
Christy White

This is so on point, I want to quote this in all caps and put it on billboards in every city, town, and village so everyone can see! I also think it applies not only to men, but to women as well. We are already _born_ with potential, lots of it. We need to get moving and convert some of our potential energy into kinetic energy. That process will also convert some of the kinetic energy back into potential energy, and repeating the process over and over again will keep us growing and developing! This is about the same thing you’ve said, but I’ve rendered it in engineer-speak. :) 
Thank you for sharing! With the benefit of 20/20 “hindsight”, it all makes sense to you now. I’m sure it may not have made as much sense for all the time it took you to learn this. Hopefully, some other person won’t have to wait another 25 years to learn this same lesson. Hopefully, someone else can see further by standing on your shoulders.

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