Those Useless Civil Servants
Dr. Joe Abah

This is really interesting, I was reading the last perception survey the bpsr conducted when I saw the notification from medium that “Dr. Joe” just published “Those Useless Civil Servants” and I chuckled.

This is like a story book of the true nature of civil servants and the causality of the effects, I am glad Nigeria is finally getting to the root of the problems; the IPPIS (integrated payment) is one of them, TSA (saving billions of naira from the hands of ghostworkers) merger of redundant ministries saving (cutting governance cost)

I am very impressed by the following

  1. The openess of you, Dr. you are the first DG to post his budget line item for the public ergo setting the pace for others like Dr Waziri Adio (OGP community thanks you) pls help us beg the National Assembly👏🏾
  2. Secondly the sustained communication and intellectual debate you always initiate on twitter-now medium- shows leadership by example, I wonder how you joggle your time so efficiently.
  3. the bpsr website is also unique, easy to toggle round and neat, I love the infographics too (Thanks to Oga @Tunjilardner of wangonet)

I am confident that with the likes of you at the helms of affair, we can finally bring efficiency to the civil service.