Stories from press releases

My aim with this series is to challenge the notion that press releases can’t be fun to read. Note: I source all this news from

A. Mitsubishi Electric Introduces New FA-IT Open Platform

Creates new value chains by connecting people, processes and things.

TOKYO--Mitsubishi Electric Corporation anounces today it’s new FA-IT Open Platform for factory automation based on edge computing. The platform facilities connectivity between factory shop floors and value chains via internet of things (IOT) systems to enable the rapid collection, analysis and utilization of data for smart manufacturing.

Key Features

  1. Application development and connection to production equipment.

Vendors can download the free development environment to create manufacturing applications for operations on the platform, including connecting the platform to industrial networks for the collection of data from diverse devices and production equipment. Mitsubishi Electric is also considering opening an online application store.

2. Simple data model construction for manufacturing sites

To be continued …..