So i was raised by a single father and left by a mother who took my brother to another man just because my father was poor and she was from a family that had deemed my father not fit to be a man to take care of my mother.. My Father went to Lagos 1 month after my mother gave birth to me to support his family, But 9months later my mother dumped me ontop of an uncompleted building. My aunt heard me voice from crying i was so thin that you could acutally my ribs,

Thanks to my grand parents and good medical facilities i survived. My father took me to Lagos when i was Eight Year old to take care of me and to make sure i have a decent education and the chance of a better future. By the age of 13 my father was already in the Nigerian Police Force he was serving in Osun State while i was living alone as a young boy and i only get to see my father maybe once every two weeks.

21 Years later my mother called me and we meet with my grand mother i had no single feeling for her, but then i am actually on the path of doing something good with my life and i needed someone who’d guide me then i met my Foster mother who had instill a lot of courage and love into me and she had made my struggles all hers she took care of me and gave me all i have longed for from a mother..

So i graduated from York St Johns England with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and i will say i am doing relatively well and now my mother finally remembered how much she loved me…

But this story is not about my mother alone it is also about the fact that i always tell people regardless of how hard it may be, I do see that everyone has potential and if you don’t standup and face your challenges you are more likely to end up like your parents and don’t always take an offense to everything that is wrong. I have learnt to live my life in a stoic way if people do things to hurt you that is because your mind is already poluted..

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