5 Important Reasons for Rising Popularity of Laravel PHP Framework

A kind of trailblazing framework — Laravel comes with fully leveraging PHP technology to help the business organizations in crafting the custom-made web applications under an agile web application development process. Laravel contains an elegant but simple syntax that gives a fun ride to develop web applications using PHP framework and this made Laravel so much popular in the community.

Today, web developers can truly rely over this platform as it quickly and rapidly solves out the repetitive tasks across all web projects. It saves ample of your time that you can use for some other creative task like writing custom base functions. Here, the delivery time also gets resultantly shortened with making the process of developing web applications highly cost-effective. Here, I am showing you the reasons behind constantly rising popularity of Laravel PHP framework among the web developers these days.

MVC Pattern and Documentation Clarity

A website developer working on a Laravel project experiences absolute cleanliness, ease of understanding and many more organized things. This is the reason why Laravel php is regarded as a self-proclaimed framework for unique application development solutions where the text is placed beautifully. Undoubtedly, Laravel follows the MVC pattern. As it is called as an MVC compliant framework, it comes with several built-in functions that you can choose along with an enhanced architecture for web development.

In-built Libraries for Object-Orientation

Laravel owns some pre-installed object-oriented libraries and this is the foremost reason why the demand for Laravel is skyrocketing than other frameworks. More than 20 pre-installed libraries are there in Laravel and the best known of them is Authentication library. You can fully trust over the improved security features it provides including CSRF protection, encryption, and database and login securities.

Mail Services Integration

The SwiftMailer library and simple API are the strength of Laravel Framework. Some other drivers for integrating the mail services are also provided here like SparPost, Amazon SES, SMTP, Ailgun, Mandrill and so on for allowing the email sending through the local or any cloud-based servers.

High-End Authorization and Authentication

An important PHP based framework — Laravel improves simple and faster authentication of the web applications as you get everything here in the built-in form of configured within the framework. When the major concern of the majority of web application owners remains with verifying the users along with preventing access of the unauthorized users, Laravel makes its developers remain tension free. It is relatively easier for the owners to organize the authorization logic of their website application along with restricting the access of the users to all the resources.

Templating Internally

Laravel involves extremely lightweight and simple blade templating. However, it is powerful templating engine as well. It comes in the form of an extensive pre-installed feature of the framework. As this templating engine is of highly intuitive nature, it makes the Laravel developers to work easily on typical HTML or PHP projects. Integration of blades is also done with simple PHP to get optimal laravel performance.


Undoubtedly, Laravel is the best among all PHP framework and systems. It is well-known for developing robust and compact web applications. It brings with itself some amazing and comprehensive features that help in further customizing web applications according to client requirements.

There is a huge collaborative community behind Laravel Development that dedicatedly fosters the major improvement in the framework from time to time.