Your Container — Is it Hard or Soft?

This is a soft body.

I work as a massage therapist and there are a lot of people who come in with a particular knot or area for me to work out. I always try to steer them into thinking about their “container.” I just started using this word, “container.” I used to just call it, “all over muscle tone.” Your container is what the bones, ligaments, muscles are stored in. This is interesting because the denseness of your container varies from person to person. Think of it like a mattress. Some are firmer some are harder. Same with bodies. Some are soft bodies and some are hard. A soft container allows for bones, disks, ligaments, etc.. to move around a bit and find their ideal position. Think of it like a tree that is not jammed up against a house. Our bodies “know” how to keep us out of pain. We have to give it some help sometimes. Keeping our bodies soft, pliable, rubbery, long and elastic will help the body find it’s state of happiness and health.

So, next time you get a massage, ask your therapist if you are a Hard Body or a Soft Body. If the therapist doesn’t tell you, find another therapist who will. Hard bodies are caused by someone holding a lot of stress and most massage therapist will feel it right away.

Marty Kunsman is a graduate of the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) (Atlanta, Georgia). He currently writes and practices massage therapy in Charlotte, NC. He is the author of two books.

Hard Body Pain/Soft Body Bliss 2006, 2014

Hard Body Pain and Massage Therapy Solutions 2014

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