Why the March for Science failed, as demonstrated by its own protest signs
Risk; Reason and Emotion

We humans learn mostly through repetition and imitation. If someone tells us often enough that the sky is green and the grass is blue, we may start to believe it, it will be our truth. Mr Ropeik tells us here that if you march against all the repeated nonsense that is spread through the media and politics today then you ignore how the brain works and you’re arrogant and wrong because you don’t agree with what is repeated most often, which is the truth for so many people. How dare all those scientists point that out?

Unfortunately information that has been well researched and validated is not spread through media anymore. We are flooded with opinions or ‘alternative facts’ that are in the interest of people paying for them to be published, mostly for the simple purpose so that those people get even richer or more powerful than they already are.

So yes, we do need even more marches like these to remind everyone that often repeated nonsense must not suddenly turn into widely acceptable ‘alternative fact’ or even ‘the truth’.

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