In A World Of Copying, We All Need A Dr. Sinchan In Our Life

In this world of worry and disharmony we always need some breeze of peace in our lives to survive, which can tune our dis-tuned present with its quality. Everytime whenever we find ourselves in trouble, we seek for a tuner or life-changer spontaneously. In these times we need motivation, inspiration, positivity and peace; rather we seek for a way out from the dark. That tuner of this absolutely disturbed time, Dr. Sinchan Das; who established himself as a multifaceted genius. He compelled us to think, to perceive and to react in an unbiased way. His simplicity and down to earth nature defines him perfectly. In the way he speaks, he explains are sufficient to compel one to think and this obviously enveloped by simplicity.

Every time you hear his voice, it evokes peace & nostalgia, over and over again. Every time you experience his lecture, it pours some strong hungers of knowledge and query spontaneously which compel one to think inevitably. Every time you listen to his music, you feel a sense of magnetization. Magnetization not a to a person, not to a place, but to the peace and purity. He inspired an entire generation rather better to say several generations to travel and explore the infinite possibilities of the universe. He taught us what ‘wanderlust’ truly meant. This generation has limited wanderlust to Tinder and Instagram; the true essence was on understanding your inner self, which got lost in the millions of photos flooded with wanderlust. He taught us what is called a true education! what is called a quality life! and what is our social responsibilities!

Dr. Das taught the mass what is called teacher, the duties, appearance, behavior and duties of a teacher. He motivates his students to think independently, to react spontaneously and to ask questions till they not got satisfied. He is not only a teacher for his students, rather he is much more than that; you can say he is the everything for them. He is that person who smiles by seeing other smiling faces, who born to wipes the tear of others. His every quote comprises of some strong motivating impulse within them.

Do you ever see or hear something which makes you cry? You do not even know why you are crying, you just sit there speechless trying to make sense of the world? That is what this man has done to an entire generation. Every time I have felt alone, his voice has strengthened me to go on, “Rey Bawri, tore bin hum adhure.” Yes except this person today’s world is truly ‘adhure’. Whenever I feel depressed his ‘Tantrikari’ is their to cheer up me and I have witnessed how his tune works for the paralyzed persons as well.

Yes, in today’s world we need a role model like him, who posses that gurtz to refuse lucrative offers by different officials for the shake of truth and knowledge. Dr. Sinchan is the person who motivate us to live our dream by overlooking & ignoring so-called social pressures. He taught us to live our life wisely by ignoring cheap impulses. A man full of purity.