Readboard Solved a Problem

I have been using Readboard since its launch. It is a horizontal product solving diverse problems for sincere and frequent readers on internet. I happened to be one of them, I would like to mention one specific problem it solved for me this week.

I like reading interesting stuff, connect with great people on internet around Lean Software Product Development. I read stuff from various sources on internet like Medium, Quora, Hackernewsletter etc. On weekly basis, I share most important, useful and directly applicable articles with my team of Product Managers, Developers and Designers at Digicorp.

This week, while writing the weekly feed, I used Readboard, went in my profile and looked at conversations started by me to get a list of things I read / shared in last week.

Readboard Conversations : Started by Me

This is one of the many unsolved problems for readers on internet. If you are facing similar problem try using Readboard.

Just one small feature request here, I could not stop myself :), @Readboard, can you show when conversation started here?

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