Multi-cat households and how to survive them

Cat is one of the most popular pet among humans and almost 19% of US households own at least one cat. Trend of cat owning homes are one the rise and at the same time households with multiple cats are on the rise. Kismet Kittens says it is a good thing for cat owners but they should also understand how this affects the life of cats.

Social status of cats

By their very nature felines are solitary hunters. The social behavior of cats is affected by the availability of food. Density of cats in an area also affects how cats form groups for their survival. When there is enough food available cats can learn very socializing behavior and live in groups peacefully. At the same time if there is scarcity of food felines turn into territorial hunters and mark their territory. To make their area cats make use of scent secreted from the glands around their face and anal area and feces and urine. Being highly smell sensitive, cats communicate effectively with the smell avoiding any conflict upfront.

The social life of the companion cat

There is a difference how companionship develops between cats in your home and in the natural environment. Out in the nature the groups are formed by related cats usually kittens in the same litter and mothers and kittens. On the other side when you bring two cats together they may or may not be related which largely affects their behavior. Also as these cats are confined to limited space and are neutered this puts them under great deal of pressure. Sometimes it can make them stressed and they might act aggressively. However cats are highly adaptable and with right training and patient approach they can make great companions together.

If you are planning to bring home multiple cats we suggest that you adopt kittens instead of adult cats. As mentioned above adult cats will be sexually mature and have developed their social behavior already. They might not like each other’s company and may become aggressive. Kittens on the other hand are easy to adapt and growing together they will bond and learn how to take care of each other.

To avoid conflict

There are some steps that you can take to avoid conflicts between the cats. First of all ensure that there is no competition for food. Cats accept companions a lot easily if they know there is no competition for food. You should arrange for separate food bowls, water bowls and litter boxes for every cat.

Before adopting multiple cats you can check their compatibility together. It is advised that you adopt kittens or cats from the same litter as they are related. This relatedness helps them to bond together quickly and they are more tolerant towards each other. Kittens from the same litter help each other to learn quickly and also groom each other.

At last it is not bad choice to bring home multiple cats. However you should be ready to take responsibility and make sure you are choosing the right personality cat. Also make sure all the resources like food and water are available all the time and there is no competition.