Why adopt kittens in pair

Planning to bring a kitten? We suggest you should double the number and bring home a pair. Yes, you heard it right we suggest that adopting a pair will be much easier to pet. Now this statement might raise some brows but according to cat breeders like Kismet Kittens people usually realize it late that adopting another kitten is beneficial for them. If you try to adopt a kitten a few years apart then you might have to face a lot of problem as cats are territorial beings and they definitely have problems getting together when they are not used to presence of other cats.

Here are the reasons why you should adopt a pair.

Team Play

Kittens are learning for their mother, environment and each other. When kittens interact with each other through playful approach they actually develop social skills that are necessary. They learn some important lessons together like how hard to bite when playing, to share territory and to interpret each other’s signals. Since they are together from birth they bond together really well and when you adopt the pair you will have to contribute a lot less time to play with the kittens as they will be together to channel their high energy levels.

When you bring home a pair their socializing skills continue to grow and they continue to learn from each other. For a solo kitten it can be really tough to learn how to socialize and bond.

Kittens Learn From Each Other

Kittens need each other to learn. When they walk together they learn about balancing, when they jump they understand how to gauge the distance. Together they are more curious and want to explore more. Since the kittens observe each other while climbing, jumping, leaping, stalking and more they learn quickly through observation. This makes it a lot easier for you to train them how to use litter box and where to play and what places to avoid. It also helps if a kitten is introvert then an extrovert kitten will encourage her to move out.

Kittens and Life Enrichment

Company of each other is the best life enrichment form for kittens. You cannot be with them 24x7 and this makes it difficult for them to spend time alone and in solitude. Have a companion will help them to understand each other’s emotions and keep engaged. They are like couple who develop a social bonding and avoid adverse behavioral patterns that can build due to loss of companionship.

Cost and Care of Kittens

Many people worry about the cost involved in taking care of a pair of kittens. You won’t be spending a lot on the vet visits and vaccines as many clinics offer multipet discounts. You can also adopt kittens that are already given most of their vaccinations. This will help you to reduce the overall cost.

Litter boxes, scratching poles, food and toys don’t add up much of a cost. Cat tree might be your biggest expense but it is worth all the money.

Just go for it

Don’t over think on adopting the pair. It is a lot easier than you think. Don’t blindly choose kittens based on breed, sex or personality. Be open to adopt the ones you feel connected to.

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