The small life of Singto

This article I write for my kitten name “Singto”. Singto and me met at my temple while I was being a monk (28 February 2017) before i left from monk for 2 days….

Singto mean “lion” in Thai language. My sister called him this name because his strong mind. At our first meeting between I and Singto. He hide himself under a table. And he make surprised because his left back leg can’t move. Then I decided to take care him.

So I and Singto started the hide and seek game. Although one of his leg can’t move. He is still faster than me. At last he hide him self under the bridge. So I tried to catch him at front and silently to take him behind. At the first day he already make my tried….Ha ha ha

After that I took him to my room and prepared his food. But he is a strong mind. He didn’t eat my food!!! I tested by leave that food all night. He still didn’t touch its. At last I forced him by letting his nose touch the food. Then he finally ate.

After that i took him to see a doctor for curing his leg. But the doctor make me surprised, his leg is not broken like I thought. But his leg don’t has strength to move!!!! So I must feed him some drugs and did physical therapy for him. Until he can walk like normal….

But this “normal” is so short. After a few days he start to laying down all day. His stomach is bigger until I noticed. Both of his back leg don’t have strength to move. And because of this when he move, he must drag his ass on floor while using his front leg to crawl. (Just imagine when a cat pee and move with that stance.)

So from that day he can’t pee on his cat sand anymore. When he wanted to pee he tried to move to the sand but his pee splashed before he reached. I also changed the tray for him but it doesn’t work…

I took him to see a doctor again. This time I finally know that his spine was damaged. So his lower back will have less strength than normal and he will have problems with digestive system too.

From that day I had a war with Singto. I try to feed him drugs but he try to run. At last he spit out all drugs I feed. So I mixed the drugs within food. After that our mini war has ended.

But his stomach is still too big and walk by dragging his ass. So I decided to change a doctor and drive to meet the best doctor i know from my neighbors suggestion.

The new doctor use the x-ray for analyzing Singto’s illness. The result found a lot of water in his belly and his lung. This time I am sure about his spine. It’s damaged by accident before I take care him. So I let Singto stayed with the doctor for a few days. After that I met him again. He look a lot better.

When he arrived at home. He can jump for the first time. He can run around my home like a normal cat. I really happy at that time.

But his happiness is so short. Just 2 weeks after that he start to be the same even worser too. I noticed that his front legs don’t have strength!!!! It is very strange because he shouldn’t lose his upper body strength.

So I took him to see the doctor again. This time he was inject some drugs. After a few times he start to be better but still no strength on front legs. I try to do physical therapy everyday until he can use his front legs again but not normal like before.

A few days after that he laid down on his cat sand all day. Because he can’t stand and walk anymore.

This time I can see his tear so often. But I don’t know how to help him now. At that time i think because his spine was damaged. So he can’t use his back legs and his front legs may be injured from his jump. (He was jumping a lot while he is strong.)

On 27 April 2017, I noticed that he use his mouth for breathing. So I suddenly took him to see the doctor again. The doctor told me that he have some water on his lung and his stomach… because the FIV virus….

At that time I finally understand all of his behavior….. The fact is Singto is hard to breathe for a long time. I and the first doctor noticed how he breathe but at that time we think because his stomach hurt. So we focus on his stomach first.

Next I can confirm about the water in lung because the x-ray film from the second doctor. But all of us focus on stomach problem. Then after the doctor heal his stomach and he can jump and run. I forgot this problem. Then the water fill most of his lung until he is hard to breathe.

At this point I finally understand his tear. He try to fight to live until his mind can’t endure anymore. So the tear on 27 April come from his broken mind. He knew and accepted his end…..

This time is the last time I and Singto see each other…. I decided to leave Singto with the doctor and hoping she will help. Then on 30 April 2017, Singto finally died. So I took his body and buried myself.

All of this event happened between 28 February — 30 April 2017. I don’t know the age of Singto but I’m sure his age is lower than a year.

This experience teach the important lesson to me. The kitten who endure the torture from disability from his spine and breathing problems for 2 months. He make me looking back to myself and compared my life problems and his problems.

So from now he will be the symbol of tolerance for me forever… when I tried and lose my mind. His fighting will keep me stand up again and fight more.

This article objective is to share how Singto fight for his life. I don’t want his life to be wasted. I hope his story will inspire anyone who read to have more power to fight..…

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