Angular 2 project setup or configure on localhost:4200.

Here i am going to writting blog on Angualr2 project setup on local machine….

Step 1. check your local machine configuration, is it 64-bit or 32-bit.
Step 2. Then open link in your browser then download the node softaware.
Step 3. Install Nodejs on local machine
Step 4. check nodejs version and npm version on cmd using (node -v) and (npm -v)
Step 5. If it is not showing version on local then set the enviroment variable for the same otherwise all is set.
Step 6. Create a folder where you resides your angular 2 project.
Step 7. Now open CMD for creating for angular 2 proejct by using followings commands.
Step 8. npm install -g @angular/cli 
Step 9. ng new project
Step 10. cd project-name
Step 11. ng serve (Note* — Angular 2 project is run on port no 4200 by default, if you want to run your project by own port no then use)
ng serve — port 4355
Step 12. Navigate in your browser by using (http:localhost:4200)

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