Array vs Iterable

  • Array
  • Iterable
  • Map
  • Sequence
  • Iterator
1. What are the differences between Array

Apparently, there are 4 ways in total

Understand how Activity works

An introduction to Android Studio

Creating a Project

Opening Android Studio

Button in SwiftUI is … very interesting



An introduction to Struct

What is a Struct ?

Another way to define a function

What is a Closure ?

var closureName : (InputType) -> (ReturnType) = { parameterName in
return ReturnType

What is a Function ?

Which one to use? It depends…

  • Return Value — the function simply returns the value of interest, it can be Boolean, Class, Enum and other types.
  • do-catch statement — the function will throw errors. These errors are then caught by do-catch statement. …

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