Week #3 Monster


The third week we started to play various sensors, and the challenge was ‘use the sensors to make a toy’.

did the tutorials first, got to know the different sensors

We did the tutorials to get to know the different sensors. It was a lot of works. We went through some common sensors and began to brainstorming

We decided to use IR sensor to make our toy. The idea was using sensors to control one RGB LED to match another one. So, we set up the circuit and Mischa worte the code. Hopefully, it worked as we expected. After the test, we keep developing the project. We used three IR sensors to control the separately Red, Green and Blue colors of the RGB LED and adjusted the result to match another random color RGB LED. Moreover, we set up one another green LED which would turn on to tell players when they get the RGB LEDs matched.

the code

After we got all the codes and circuits right, we started to work on the physical product. We got some different ideas, and we end up with a monster concept. The process was a nightmare as usual, but with the previous experience, we avoided some possibly mistakes.

Using three sensors to adjust the RGB LED to the certain color at the same time was too hard, but two was too easy. So we decided to turn the sensors to two different directions and use only one hand to play. That’s how it turned out to be a monster concept.

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