Making music

or how music shows look from the musician’s side.

I decide to dedicate this article to one of my favorite thing — music. So let’s start.

Most of people in lifetime visit musical shows. So of them visit rap shows, some of them metal shows, another pop, jazz and etc. But people only see what’s outside (except those, who came with musicians). So what’s hiding behind all instruments, sound, lights? So I try to describe it from on of the sides (also there is people who organize this shows, but this is another side of it).

Che is watching us!!!

Let’s start the show!!!

What’s going on when musicians arrive to the show? Long before the doors of show place are open, before people arrive, most part of all the magic, which they see happens. Lights, sound, decoration are setting, musicians prepare themselves.

One of the necessary parts is sound check. After sound engineers are set all their stuff, musicians coming to the stage. They must play few songs to let sound masters set all up. Every single musician must play a little bit alone. Actually great bands with big budget and label support do not doing it. They have technicians, that do all this work for them. Cool guys. As I know such people (and many others which help bands) are proudly called road crewor roadies. These are very useful people and shame on those who underestimate their power and do not appreciate what they are doing! (Big respect to all of you guys) (hope sometimes roadies will be in my band too).

This song to you, guys!

go berserk

So, everything is set up. Musicians went to their dressing room to dress to the show (if they need it). During waiting of the beginning of the show some of musicians drink alcohol (if they want it to) and prepare themselves to the show.

During Halloween show

The show begins!

Everything is ready and people stand before the stage. But when it is not big show, and bands are not quite famous, the first band gets the hardest part of the evening. It’s called warm-up.

This is really bad feeling

Often first band plays before almost empty hall. It is the worst feeling when you play and nobody response to your pains. I think most musicians know that feeling. So do me a favor, please. When you next time went to the show, support first band. They lay themselves out and need your support.

By the way thanks to the people, who supports first band. You are awesome!

When the show ends…

This moment always finds you when you want more, when you feel all the stage, you feel your band as the united system and crowd near the stage as your army. You feel like together you can kick everyone’s ass! This is awesome feeling. It’s really hard to describe, but it is. And when everything ends and you see blustering crowd screaming your bands name or just screaming to you, you feel happy. Really happy. This is the moment to live for! When you feel some kind of brotherhood between crowd and your band. All the hardship is worth it! I think musicians understood me.

With band Dizaidor after Halloween show. Mogilev (Belarus)

Then, when you go out of the stage some people may come to you and ask a photo or to sign something. After some concert guy came to me and say:

Man, your band awesome! You blown away my head! Damn! I’m your fan now!!! Can you sign my passport?

Damn!!! That dude wanted me to sign his passport! Hell, he is the crazy one and it’s damn cool!!! I sign his passport, because he wanted it and I couldn’t ever refuse to such people! It really good and musicians must appreciate it.

Also one of the most important thing that has to be done after show (if bands are friendly to each other) is group photo. This is just for a good memories. And that’s because of most musicians are good guys. It’s a really good pleasure and memories.

On the road.

Sometimes your band went to the shows to other cities and even countries. If your band famous you often went to other countries. This is when meet the road life. If you travel(yeah, I think I should call it traveling) by car, or you have your own bus, which is great, you stop at the gas stations. Buy coffee, tea or another drinks, food, having rest from the car and road, to go back again and ride. This is very good feeling. It looks like some another life. Most of travelers could understood me. But the thing changes when you with band!

show bill

Everyone in your band is human and have his or hers own interests. Someone likes nature, someone likes cities and towns, someone likes rain, someone likes sun. We all people. So when you travel by car and have much time until the show begins, you can stop at almost every place you like. And that’s great!

When you stop on the gas stations you often meet new people. And everyone has his own story. Sometimes you just having fun with gas station’s employees and this good. A lot of impressions, you know.

In Gomel (Belarus) with Sol Mortem

Also the great thing in such musical travels is that you can fooling around and you do not care about what people can think about you, because you may not meet them anymore during the lifetime.

Playing on the imaginative instruments in Bobrujsk (Belarus)
Show in R-club, Minks (Belarus)

Sometimes on the next few days after show in other city you can get a message from somebody or post in social network, dedicated to you or you band. And this is one of the most pleasant things. Once after the show I find such post. It was nearly 3 years ago, but even today I’m chatting with that man. It’s a great pleasure.

With Sol Mortem in Bobrujsk (Belarus)
With band Sol Mortem heating up before Satanica (Italy)

Things changed when you travel to other cities shows by train. It is damn hard. But it worth it. During this you will see a lot of people and it’s good. Yes, there is always people full of shit, but it’s not the thing you should concentrate on.


When you visit few cities with the shows by train, you feel exhausted. But with it you feel a great pleasure and have stock of memories, which will be with you always.

That’s how we look after the show when we go home from another city.

And one of the best memory is crowd. When you look at their faces and see satisfied and pleased people it’s priceless. Because you make people feel almost like you.

Look at their faces! It’s awesome feeling when people response you like that.

So the last think is shows with cool band, which have many fans and great players. It’s very damn good experience, because they can tell you some cool stuff on how to do something.

METAAAL!!! with blackrid (Orsha) in A-club, Smolensk (Russia)

Shit happens.

But not everything is so cool, as I described to it you. Sometimes we have to think about some shit, which musicians never must deal with. Damn, we’re musicians, not businessmen! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that sort of shit that you must know how to sell it. But fuck it. Managers have to do this, not musicians!


Sometimes we should sell tickets by ourselves. Because organizers are damn fools. They do not know how to attract people. Or maybe that’s because they do. Anyway, they use us to make money. When you beginner in music everyone wants to use you to make some money. The only good think in such shit is that you can talk to people without some stage shit. And it’s good, because people see who you are and maybe you can inspire someone to make his musical dream come true, who knows.

Tickets for our future show


Also one not cool thing is labels. Nowadays most of them take money from you, make money on you and left you with nothing. When your band is signed to such label you pay them and nothing at all. The only thing they can do is produce few cds and print you into their magazine. That’s damn all.

But there is one little trouble. When you try to sign in to some big festival you must be signed on some label. Because if you’re not, organizers won’t take you. That’s not fucking fair! But who said that all will be fair, huh?

Rocking with Sol Mortem


But even this is not so shitty as expected. Because a lot of cool bands visit your country and you may want to warm-up people before they go on the stage. So prepare yourself, and prepare your money. Because nowadays be on one stage with cool band you must pay. And the question is: Do organizers did their job so bad as they cannot make enough money by people coming to the show? Or they want more cash to their pockets? Yeah, I know that their have families and they need something to eat. But what a hell? Why musicians must pay for the show? It’s fucking crazy. But such concert guarantee that fucking big crowd will see your band.

Hell I don’t know if it’s worth it. But this is reality.

Think a little bit.

So the fact is that musicians at the beginning of their career must spend Big-Fucking amount of money. So when you next time download music from Internet for free and like it, please buy it. Not all of this money go to musicians, but, maybe, some of them do.

In the end.

So that’s a very simple approach on how shows looks from the musician’s side. Hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned, don’t be sad and always have fun!

Sincerely yours, Thomas I.

Drummer for Dizaidor

Why so serious?

See ya! ;)

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