Simon the cat or You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed

One day I came home and admit that my cat writing story for medium…

Please, read the whole story, maybe in the end you’ll like it.

Hi there, people! My name is Simon. As you probably know I’m a cat. I admit that my human gone somewhere and decide to write a story about me. So, here I am, the cat itself! And meow!

There was a day and I was drunk. I drank a bottle of vodka by myself. The whole bottle of vodka! It was too much for me, so I fall asleep.

I’ve seen beautiful dreams about fish and vodka. There were enough of both of it. I walk around my territories and seen a beautiful flower of love. It was a cat. Beautiful cat! I fall in love with her. And she with me, but my dream was interrupted. Fish, vodka and beautiful kitty are gone. Damn!

I need more vodka!

It was very hard day. I’ve got a gorgeous hangover. So I decided to do absolutely nothing. So I lay down on the sun and relaxed. I was so cool, that I fall asleep again.

In the evening I found admirable bag. It was cool inside of it. I like bags.

Sometimes becomes too boring and I went crazy to have some fun. I like to have fun too. It’s one of my major duties.

Do you remember beautiful cat from my dream? So. I think It’s not as beautiful as I.

Sometimes I had a hard days. When I have to do much things. So I’d like to sleep after them. And my human makes pictures of mine.

But I could be angry. So angry, that I become devil! No, seriously. Look at the picture below!

That’s me, training eyes like cat from Shrek did.

I’ve heard they going to castrate me…

No, no, no… my balls….

I took courage and going to kick some asses! How they dare!

That idiot makes me evil. He don’t know who he messing with.

Sometimes I want to sleep near my human. Good time to do it is when he do something on his computer. Why? Because he won’t disturb me, that’s why!

One day an artist came to my home. He wanted so bad to take the picture f mine. So I’m posing.

I’m as dope as two cats! Just look.

Please play with me! I’m bored!

I take my human’s phone to take a selfie.

So, my human coming back. He must not know what I’m doing. Bye, people!

When I did this article? Uh, never mind.

The point of it is that we become responsible, forever, for what we have tamed. And these are not just words. Our pets are cute, fun, aggressive sometimes, maybe ill, sad. But we must be responsible for them, because they’re need our help. Because they cannot make money to buy some food or apartment. They becomes our friends. And sometimes a part of a family.

Simon was so cute when he was young

They’ll be with you for whole their life if you let them. They maybe just a little part of your life, but you become their whole life. So they love you.

And the simple thing for us is to love them back. Whatever they do. They may do not good things. They may even screw up or broke something, but they are like a kids. Tell me, do you throw away your child when he or she broke something?

They need your help so much, so help them. It’s easy. And you get much fun and love from them.

Why I wrote this article? Because I love animals. All animals. And I love my cat. And I’m ashamed. Because I was responsible for him. I took him to my home. But didn’t care enough. So one day I came back home and couldn’t find Simon. My parents sad that they took him to the forest, because he did bad things. and still he not came back. And still I miss him…

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