Dimensions and Information

Its hard to fit this information, whatever i’m planning to write in this dimension, the medium website. But however there is no other option but to try my level best to communicate what I have in my mind. There are two things in the world dimensions and information. Dimensions are also information. Information is a collection of dimensions, meaning it spans across different dimensions.

For simplicity sake lets assume the dimensions are integral. There is this point zero dimensional, line single dimensional, plane two dimensional etc etc. A point exists in all the dimensions. But a line does not exist in zero dimension. A plane does not exist in zero, single dimensions. There is a partial ordering of dimensions, considering fractional dimensions. Now coming to information, a circle is an information in single dimension. The circle has points which are of zero dimension. A circle can pass information from single dimension to zero dimension through the points. The point can pass information from zero dimension to one dimension through the circle.

Imagine color is the information we are taking about, if it is a red circle, the point also holds the red color, causing a downward flow of information to zero dimension. And a group of red dots can create a circle in one dimension, hence the upward flow of information.

Ever wondered why a ball is so central to all the sports we are playing. My belief is that, it can pass information across dimensions. Like higher dimensions that are built with us being building blocks. It may be one way how nature passes information to and fro from zero dimension to the top, if there is one.