Misty Mountain, Munnar and booking.com

I don’t know who is the cheater, but I got cheated. I was charged 20% more because I came through booking.com. While checking out the hotel receptionist charged me 20% more than what she quoted while checking in. To quote his words and her nodding, “We are charging 20% more because you came through booking.com”.

So, I called up booking.com and the representative said, “The price is set by the hotel and not by us. so call them”. After some talking he agreed that i provide a document from the hotel quoting the price and they could do something about it.

Then I followed up with the hotel and they asked me to mail them. I wrote a mail to them and writing this so that if in case they ignore the mail, I will have some reason for them to respond.

Edit: Misty Mountain agreed that they double taxed and refunded the money :-)

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