The logical box

Ever wondered why every problem we face has a solution? Why is nature logical? Why does logical thing evolve? why do gita, quron and bible stand valid? How come building something like Google possible? All these are possible only if we are put in a bounded box. Nothing enters, nothing escapes. Our freedom is limited to the box we are put in, and the box we are put in is the logical box. The irony is instead of breaking the box and coming out of it, we are happily finding ways to be inside the box forever. The guy who created the logical box, if he is still alive will think we are fools. Whenever i build something logical, i think i’m doing something foolish. Whenever i do something illogical, others think i’m foolish. Isn’t looking foolish to a fool better? than looking foolish to the guy who created the logical box. At some point in near future, all humans will be wiped out, which is inevitable, what will remain will be the things we have built, like a sky scraper or a super computer. The future species will look at these and think how wise we were :-). They might resurrect the web and see and read this and think how wise i was :-)