Your word choices are terrible, beyond the points already made in other comments, your device is…
Karl Tiedt

BS. Bricked is readily understood to mean that the device is as useful as a brick. The OP’s point is that _all_ functionality that he paid for is disabled. Your point is pure pedantry, and easily dismissed as such.

Also, there’s a _giant_ difference between: “My device randomly stopped working after the warranty period expired”; and: “The manufacturer deliberately disabled the device I paid for well before the end of its useful life”.

If Revolv users file a class action lawsuit over this, I pretty much guarantee that they’ll win. The key arguments would be:

1/ Is it legal for a manufacturer to deliberately act to disable a device they have sold to a consumer?

2/ What is a reasonable expected working life for a device beyond the end of its warranty period?

There’s likely no need to get to 2/. 1/ is the killshot.

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