I quite don’t understand the need to rename and rebrand design and its activities every now and…
Ale Urrutia

Hi Ale, thanks for bringing up a good point! Let me start with a question:

Your bio lists you as a UX Design Director; why do you have the word UX in there if it’s simply part of just design?

The reason we sub-classify elements of “Design” in focuses like UX, Interaction, Visual, or Product, is because things get confusing when you use umbrella terms for some focused skills, but not others.

I can’t speak for others, but I am trying to explain product design on Product Matters in a more holistic way so that people can learn and understand what, exactly, the skills involved are. What the differences are between Product Design, UX, IxD, etc. — yes, these have overlap, and that’s precisely why they’re confusing to outsiders, and why articles defining them more clearly are useful.

See also Cap Watkins & his team’s Product Design Roles document. It has useful breakdowns.

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