You shouldn’t organise CSS by splitting it into separate files any more than you should organise a pane of glass by dropping it on a concrete floor.
Things To Avoid When Writing CSS

I’m not comfortable with this simplistic hard rule-style advice for CSS file organization (or the comparison to glass panes), as there are big concerns against single CSS files worth mentioning: Performance is worse (multiple files is the way forward with HTTP2); organization within a single file can get messy; version control can become really obnoxious when you have to reorganize large chunks; and multiple people working on the same file becomes more prone to conflicts than when they’re separated.

If you’re only one of a very small team working on the single CSS file for a website, it’s probably fine. If you’re creating an app or working on a larger team, or both, object-oriented organization of files may well be better.

And even then, I think a lot of this is a matter of taste and personal preferences. Even for my own personal sites, I stopped liking the single file approach, despite not being that big or complicated.

And all of this isn’t even touching on the LocalCSS topic which changes *everything* about this :)

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