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As I have always said, the Catholic Church is much better at keeping people out than bringing people in. I still remain Catholic as I see my church become more and more irrelevant in peoples’ lives. Unless you fit into the man/woman/2.3 heterosexual children, class of family system, everyone else will be “less” in the Catholic church. Mindful that this is the Bishop of Little Rock spearheading this thing. Never mind the people who disagree with his mindset or the mindset of those who are “in” the group. The Catholic church is fighting for it’s life, for all the good it COULD do, but rather chooses to make “sex” the worse enemy and sin against God and remind people just how really “bad” they are in the eyes of God. The hypocrisy of the Catholic church, with it’s own sordid history and recent scandals, knows no bounds.

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