Can’t Lose Weight? Here are possible reason’s as to why your weight loss approach may not be working

So, it’s been quite a while avoiding tempting junk foods, sweet treats and all sorts fats and you still can’t see that needle on the weighing scale move back even a bit.

And now you are almost on the verge of giving up on your dream to looking fit and slim.

Wait! Maybe the seemingly easy and fast weight loss methods you found on the internet are putting you into the loop of relentless efforts to lose weight. Maybe your whole approach to getting in shape is wrong.

There are a number of ways to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of unhealthy yet dangerous ways to go about body toning.

We have pulled together the most common of these unhealthy weight loss techniques you need to shun right away and look for better and healthy alternatives.

Mistake 1. Skipping meals

No matter how much it makes sense to skip meals to lose those extra kilograms or centimetres, starving yourself is the most counterintuitive way to get there.

Many people are unware of the fact that eating consistently helps maintain your metabolism. Of course, that’s not to say you should graze on relentlessly but to take foods that are considered healthy for regular consumption.

According to research, not only does starving or skipping meals upsets your body’s metabolism but makes one lose the wrong kind of weight. Self-starvation causes you to lose water weight and muscle mass instead of shredding internal body fat.

Alternative: A better way to lose weight would be having small healthy meals at frequent intervals of time throughout the day.

Mistake 2. Purging

This is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy ways to shred weight and look skinny commonly adopted by high-profile runway models and women desperately wanting to lose weight. No wonder, bulimia remains a widespread health problem amongst the young female population in the western world.

Purging has been linked to severe dehydration, weakness, kidney failure, hair loss, and bradycardia (slow heart rate). Binging followed by constant self-induced vomiting can erode your tooth enamel leading to cavities and decay. In severe cases, purging can result in death due to damage of bodily organs.

Alternative: Combat purging by formulating a balanced meal plan with the help of a professional dietician which may include nutrient-rich vegies, fruit and even gluten free snacks from trusted gluten free brands to keep your body fuelled and energetic.

Mistake 3. Over-Training

Over exercising an undernourished body can wreak havoc on your internal and physical health. Though sticking to a rigorous workout regimen is a good idea, performing too much cardio or compulsive exercise can put your body in a catabolic state and make you lose muscle mass instead of unhealthy body fat.

Some other disadvantages of over training one’s body include illness, insomnia, fatigue and poor function of immune system.

Alternative: Rather than over-exercising, indulge yourself in a short-duration, high intensity workout combined with a healthy, balanced diet to maintain your strength and stamina.


Besides, smoking, excessive use of laxatives, pills and drugs and no calorie diet are amongst some other unhealthy ways to shred weight. Losing weight, the healthy way requires a good balance of dieting, exercise and lifestyle.

Moreover, consult with a health exert to make informed decisions around your diet and weight loss regimen.