Healthy Snacks that Will Keep You Energised at Work

As much as it is important to eat healthy at work, most working professionals struggle with the temptation to snack on fast food and unhealthy snacks.

Well, if you are one of them, we cannot probably blame you. It requires too much will power to avoid those lip-smacking, trans-fat loaded sugary treats and junk food sitting in the vending machine at work.

But, no matter how alluring it is, eating unhealthy at work has to stop.

When you spend most of your hours at work, you need constant supply of wholesome, energy-boosting snacks that can keep you going all day.

Chia Snack Bars

We reached out to nutritionists, dietitians and fitness experts to reveal healthy snack options including chia snack bars, trail mix and fruit treats that can help curb mindless munching at work while increasing your energy and productivity levels.


A piece of fruit is the perfect snack for office hours. Banana, apple, pear and grapes are your go-to options. Not only do fruit offer a natural yet healthy way to curb your sweet cravings but they are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and not to forget antioxidants that promote a strong immune system and better performance at work.


A handful of nuts can keep you filled until your next meal and high on energy at the same time. Almonds are an excellent source of protein and healthy fat that can add an extra dose of much needed nutrition to your hectic day. Additionally, a trail mix containing almonds, dried fruit and healthy seeds will work wonders for your energy and health.

Health Bars

When it comes to keeping your nutritional levels as well as energy in check at the office, health bars make a satisfactory choice. From health chia bar to nut bars to cereal bars, there is an immense variety of gluten free snacks in the market that taste amazing and help you keep energised throughout the day.

gluten free snacks

However, be careful with your options as some so-called healthy snacks might be packed with ingredients that are high in calories so make sure you read all product nutritional panels.

To Conclude

It can be difficult to avoid tempting high fat, high sugar foods and snacks when you are constantly working long hours in the office. What you eat during your day at work doesn’t just have to do with your weight and health but it affects your productivity levels too.

Keep some of the healthy snack options suggested by experts readily available at your office desk to stay more energised, productive and focused at work.


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