Reasons You Should Add Muesli to Your Breakfast

You must have heard it before. Breakfast is much more than just a regular meal of a day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast helps to maintain metabolism and energy levels and get you through the day. Skipping breakfast on the other hand can put you at risk for diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and heart attack.

So, what does a healthy breakfast include?

While there are endless choices including the likes of nuts, eggs, Greek yoghurt, berries and seeds to add to your breakfast, natural Muesli comes as a nutritious cereal mix that contains most of the essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, fibre and minerals you need to start your day.

Muesli is mostly popular amongst the health and weight concerned. However, it is a perfect breakfast choice for anyone and any diet. Here’s why it is a must-have for your daily breakfast routine.

· Natural or Untoasted Muesli has no trans fats and is a rich source of insoluble and soluble fibre which help reduce cholesterol levels.

· Muesli contains healthful lignin’s which come from ingredients like nuts and seeds and are known to reduce the chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

· Eating untoasted or natural muesli every day is associated with low hypertension. Regular consumption may also help an individual lessen the dosage of antidepressant medications.

· Rich in multigrain and cereals, muesli provides great amounts of carbohydrates to kick start your day and curb hunger pangs in between meals.

· Natural Muesli contains less sugars and calories than most varieties of cereals available in supermarkets. The fibre content in natural muesli makes it more filling and may aid in weight control.


With all these benefits from managing weight to strengthening immune system, natural or untoasted muesli is a breakfast staple we all need in our lives. Besides an abundance of nutritional value, muesli comes in a wide range of choices, each of which makes a delicious breakfast option.

Kuranda Wholefoods offers amazing varieties of muesli that contain a nutritious blend of plant based superfoods and wholefoods such as organic quinoa, cacao nibs and amaranth. The Kuranda gluten free muesli range is designed to suit a variety of dietary requirements and offers healthy, nutritionally dense and tasty breakfast options for the whole family.