Five-part series on building a stronger D.C. food ecosystem and building strong food businesses in the nation’s capital, originally published by Union Kitchen as part of their Startup Stories in collaboration with Compass Coffee

1: Building a Stronger D.C. Food Ecosystem

“We will dive into the Union Kitchen distribution network to talk with Compass Director of Corporate Development, Kuran Malhotra, about how Compass scaled through Union Kitchen’s network of grocers and went from selling a few tins of coffee to becoming a well-known brand with numerous product lines and significant shelf space.”

2: From Kitchen to Brewery: Syrup with Spice

“It was really exciting to see how quickly we were able to scale Simple Syrups,”…

With COVID-19 leaving small businesses stranded, I’ve compiled this set of the top five resources available to small business owners and entrepreneurs in New Jersey.

While I’m not an expert in the space, I have had the opportunity to work with, help, and advise a number of small businesses. From entrepreneurial basement start-ups to flourishing enterprises, they are well-known within their regions. Both at Georgetown University, and home in New Jersey, I’ve seen the power of small businesses and of working together to survive and thrive.

1. Small Business Administration Disaster Loans

The SBA has a number of loan options available to small businesses. While the…

Kuran Malhotra

Analyst at Insight Partners | Recovering Coffeeholic & Advisor at Compass Coffee | Georgetown B’20

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