L’édition 2019 du baromètre AFUP/JDN des salaires dans l’écosystème PHP français est disponible en ligne depuis quelques jours sur https://barometre.afup.org/ . L’occasion pour nous d’en savoir un peu plus sur l’évolution du milieu concernant la parité homme/femme, aussi bien en termes d’effectifs que de rémunération.

Effectifs bruts

La première chose à regarder est l’évolution globale du nombre de femmes. Si elles représentaient 5,26% des réponses en 2017, ce chiffre atteignait 7,08% en 2018 et 6,69% en 2019. La forte hausse de 2018 s’est donc confirmée en 2019 : il y a nettement plus de femmes dans l’univers PHP ces 2 dernières années.

Or how to use cohesion for a more harmonious, more feng shui code that will bring you joy

You have just arrived on a new project: first step, have a little stroll around the code, just to get a glimpse at how all of this works. It’s a classic Symfony project, looks like shooting fish in a barrel: in src/Controller, thirty-ish controllers. That’s fine. You open one of them randomly: it’s a simple CRUD with 4 actions. You open another: aww, this one is 2500 lines long… “Let’s have a look at modelization instead”, you tell yourself, hastily opening src/Entity.

250 entities. You hover over the list to get the idea, open one of them, or two, three…

“Nice slides Sarah, this pinch of Open Sans Light really makes you forget how bad the numbers are! Maybe add a few buzzwords here to please the investors?”

For my first article here, I’ll try and explain how I’ve learnt to leverage humor, especially trolling, to become a better manager.

Let’s start by defining what trolling is, how it works and why it exists at all.

It all started in a cave

As most of the people my age (30-something), I discovered the art of trolling when I was a teenager, spending too much time on the internet. From the very beginning, the web has been a place of endless debating and arguing. Debates abide by the rules of rhetoric: there are very well documented and finite ways of constructing or destructing arguments, and…

Mathieu Lemoine

Having been a lot of things from developer to CTO, scrum master and designer, I started writing here to share the knowledge I’ve gained so far.

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