After many years of running around the house with a vacuum cleaner, I finally cracked and bought a Chinese cleaning robot. I paid for it in a Polish shop and after a few days, my package arrived.

My robo-vacuum cleaner started its work immediately — first, it carefully scanned the rooms with its sensors, and then it started getting into various places more easily.

Of course, it’s a modern device, which is controlled by an app. After the installation (and accepting a few approvals and downloading an update) you can track your robot’s progress in real-time in your flat —…

Robots At Amazon Where Humans and Machines Become One

We live in a world where robots gain more and more opportunities to work with people. Is it possible that they will completely replace people working in your logistics centers?

That’s not how we see it; our vision is robots working *with* people. Simply put, we are piloting and implementing new technology with the goal of increasing safety, speeding up delivery times and adding efficiency across our network. We expect the efficiency savings will be re-invested in new services for customers, where new jobs will continue to be created.

What is the process of creating robots? On what basis are…

Welcome Back Johnny!

Some journalists and people from the technology sector stopped poking fun at “the year of Linux” and “the year of mobile” and now they are going to wait for “the year of VR” while making jokes about it. And as usual, it will turn out that it appeared in our homes long time before we will announce that its arrival is 100% certain.

And why would you even trouble your head with VR in the flood of all the technological innovations? …

Welcome to Blizzard Entertainment Humans!

Artur Kurasiński: You’re favorite “Labyrinth” character? Just don’t tell me it’s Jareth!

Jeremy Collins (Blizzard Entertainment): Haha! My favorite character in Labyrinth is Hoggle. There’s something really appealing about his character. He’s conflicted. Does he help Jareth and hurt Sarah in the process? Or does he follow his heart and stay true to his only friend? We liked him so much we named our family pug dog Hoggle!

AK: I took a peek at your bio and noticed you worked on “Tangled.” My daughter’s a huge fan of “Tangled.” When I told her I’d be talking to someone who worked…

Artur Kurasiński — LEGO has a very open and candid dialogue with customers? How to tell a good story in today’s world?

Villads Spangsberg (Senior Art Director at LEGO) — Well, I honestly don’t think it has changed so much over time. The core of a great story will always be rooted in the characters. Great characters will make you feel and relate to the story and draw you in, that being a full interactive VR experience, or a 35mm print running in your local black’n’white cinema.

AK — How to promote brand such as LEGO? …

Bringing Torrent downloading to the masses

Art Kurasinski (MUSE — YouTube analytics for MCNs, brands and creators) — In the age of hunting and closing down websites offering streaming of movies Popcorn survived not as a startup with a fully developed business model but more of a community project. How does Popcorn’s situation really look like at the moment? Is there an owner, are there employees?

KsaRedFxPopcorn Time is very much a community project. We live off of the community and we’re only here because of our popularity and our users helping us out…

Artur Kurasinski (Fokus — smarter analytics) — Is it possible to design a perfect interface for a music app? How would it look like and which device could use it?

Mateo Rando (Spotify) — This is what we try to accomplish every day at Spotify. Music is a highly personal thing, so nailing the *perfect* music experience is hard, but definitely something we strive for.

What does a perfect music interface mean? For me, a perfect music interface would allow me to easily search and play my favorite music and deliver it in a snap.

It would offer me relevant…

Artur Kurasinski (Fokus — smarter analytics ) — Do you sometimes stop on the street when you see an object and think “damn, this is well made”? Are you able to tell whether a project is functional?

Christian Hertlein — For me it is less about actually stopping on the street, seeing a physical object that has been well designed. Rather, it is about customer and user experiences that either surprise me or are just plain delightful.

For instance, the “to-do” app Clear which uses self-explanatory gestures and is therefore really easy to use.

Another example is Spark Video, a…

Artur Kurasinski (CEO of Fokus — smarter analytics) — UX is more of an ideology, a science or maybe a common sense approach to design?

Indi YoungUX is not a natural science. It falls more under the social sciences, which are part of the artificial sciences. (Despite the word “artificial,” this phrase means the study and creation of things by humans. Natural science is about things humans didn’t make.)

But as your question implies, UX is not strictly an artificial science … parts of it fall there, and parts of it fall under common…

Artur Kurasinski (Fokus — smarter analytics)- You do have considerable experience in trainings. Is it possible to teach every organization how to design UX well? Even such large corporations as Boeing or Nokia?

Jeff Parks (Kina’ole Inc.) — I believe it is possible — and we have — taught best practices / approaches to UX to even the Fortune 500. In my experience it comes down to a willingness of the organization to want to look to new approaches in their services and products.

We’ve lead the heads of business and design at Boeing, Tribal World…

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