Which Is The Right Health Insurance Policy For You?

Best Health Insurance In India

The rising costs of medical treatments have made the need of health insurance policy a must for all.

Today, medical treatment costs have reached an all time high and are expected to rise even further. Not having things planned can leave you only with a big financial crisis. When you go out in the market to buy a travel plan for yourself, you end up getting more confused than enlightened. There is no dearth of companies offering insurance policies In India. Most of them have more than one plan to offer and each one claims to give best services. However, the only way to check their claims is at the time of the need, so hoping that you are not stuck with a wrong plan at time of crises, we at Lifehacker are helping you buy your next insurance plan. Here are seven tips to remember before buying the insurance policy:

1. Number and age of the members included in your medical insurance policy.

2. Always note the maximum amount of sum insured to provide coverage to the members in the policy. You should select a sum insured depending upon your premium payment capacity as higher the coverage, more the premium payment amount and vice versa.

3. Other features or riders, which you can add to make the best of your health insurance plan like critical illness rider, accidental cover.

4. Knowledge about the medical check-ups in case one has attained a pre-defined age.

5. Knowledge about successful filing of a claim. Also, the various reasons which can be constraints in successful filing of a claim.

6. Knowledge about the best Health insurance plan providers and their policies. You should select a policy which fulfills most of your health care requirements, if not all.

7. Claim a free year bonus which every health insurance provider offers to its customers for a claim free year. The benefit is either passed by way of discount on payment of premium or increased sum insured.

Opting for one of the best health insurance in India would entitle you to impressive tax benefits in India. At times people with the best of minds buy best health insurance with the sole motive of saving tax but fail to consider the intricacies of buying a comprehensive medical insurance plan, which offers them maximum benefits at minimum premium payment amount. Currently there are plenty of sites that offer effective tools to compare the insurance policies’. Take benefit of these tools before finalizing the company and plans of the insurance policy. Policybazaar.com has a simple 4 step procedure to compare the policy and its worthiness as per your customized requirements. Whereas, jagoinvestor.com shares the list of companies’ policies in a chart with company name, plan name and premium amount. And, if you do not trust any of these then there is government owned education website for insurance policies. You can log in to policyholder.gov.in to read all about policies and buying tips in detail. If you want all these information handy, then there are hundreds of free Apps to compare the policies. These apps will get you even the quotes from the companies. After understanding all the features of the policy you can easily make the decision to choose the best health insurance policy for your family. There are many tools as well, which you can use to calculate the amount you should invest on the basis of your expenditure on medical grounds and your annual income. With the help of these tools and calculators you can get rid of the agents running after you to loot you with the bogus health insurance policy.

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