The one friend that has changed my life..

It was on my 11th grade that I came to meet him as he joined on the same class in which I was. We became just friends as we shared jokes,funs etc; but did not came in to deep friendship.

It’s been now 5 years that we used to study together and after all this long time it was just few months before we came into good friends, that is into a friendship level where we(I) used to share all my happiness, sorrows, thoughts and all to him and he brings in out with fantastic solutions.

He is a typical type of boy who has his on ideas,views on everything and is one who is a strict follower of his dreams.

Straight forward and facing alll worst problems in a genuine smile of not harming others is his strength. He has strong view and moreover a helping mind to help others and to inspire others.

Few months before I was going or facing the worst situations ever in my life and I was not even in way of expressing it to others even to my best friend’s. On one day as he saw me sad or saw me in a way that I have some problems he asked me what the matter is. With hesitation I shared it to him. Within moments with his strong and looviingg thoughts,words I started moving out and I barely have time to think on that worst moments that once ruined my life.

To be Frank even on days when I get just feel any kind of stress I just think of him,chat with him because he carries us to another world. The best thing in him is he teases us infront of all but that teasing is the best thing that can one get from him. I wish he teases me everyday and will try my level best to be utmost sincire and truthful,supportive to him as he does to me..

U have a problem never mind just get in touch with that creep…. your life is ur movie….

Thanq for letting and giving me a chance to re direct my movie brooo…..