Marketing Case Study Honda 7

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study79

Happy New Year in 2017. Prediction of coming trend, technology would exntend the region to hardware, in other words, data driven pipeline sustain the new business models. Drone, Automatic Vehicle, Track, other transportations goes to replace the data center norm, decentralized the realms, people have to analyze the inconsecutive stream. Whether AI would be swallowed the volume, or not, up to our progress.

Honda has been invented own strategy, not only for the technological steps, but sales or metchant communication. What if they were worked with government, it might be different views, but they did have nothing more asset to create the affluent cash, wildly to push original process to build the business faster.

Vision Driven

As you can’t judge a book by its cover, Soichiro Honda looks like common engineer, but internally he holds strong vision to develop the №1 International products. Sales candidates got the interviewed with him, overwhelmed against the magnificent vision, and it fascinated to vibrate his heart to start working in his business.

Mass Product

Mr. Fujisawa was peeping the time to scale their products. Once the appearance of Cab F models, that aiming for public, looks smart and cute, would attract the audiences. He believed to be accepted by the many consumers of latest updates, with no moment, he had to seek the best channels.

Direct Mail Strategy

Vibe the heart is key issue for sales message. Fujisawa wrote the letters to all potential merchants “Customer demand tend to prefer the engine model bikes, Honda produced that one, please call us back if you want”. Sent to 50000 prospects, and got the request over 30000 candidates.

Mail Communication

Second, he promptly wrote back with his fingers to the potential merchants, “Pleasure with your interest. We’ll deliver one products per order, discount from retail price to special value for you. You can choose the balances, whichever you want to send the money”. In addition, cooperate with bank manager, they also sent to the potential invitation.

Advance Received model

At that time, commission sales is common sales model among the trades. Not to following this traditional process, he invented their own cash flow steps, to deposit first for product sales. It seems to be risky, but originally cultivate the pipeline to distribute the Honda Brand.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study79