Marketing Case Study Panasonic 2

IoT is one of the hot topic among the home electric device industry. Japanese electronic enterprises also step into the member for innovation. You can see some Japanese particular technique through your daily life. Warmer toilet seat is consist of the idea how user take any comfortable experience. This is our philosophy, to contribute the consumer merit at first.

Initially, their mission leads Japanese entrepreneurship during the severe road after the war. Founder, Konosuke Matsushita, his spirit “Tab Water Philosophy ” had been influencing numerous next entrepreneurs, politicians etc. We can learn it not only for practically, but passionately working.

Company Trademark

On the logo, embracing their strong feature. It showing “M” on the middle of square, the name of Matsushita. And the arrow across the figure representing “exorcism” , when it coming needed beyond the obstacles.

Economies of scale

“If our productivity much better, it will bring more products, finally the cost will decrease” there we can see his philosophy. It always coming from the consumer, how we could contribute it. Under the none certification, whether demand will be erupting or not, he bravely determined.

Interactive Communication

Long terms ago, before social media being emerged, it adapted internal communication tips between Panasonic and clients. Through this magazine, interacted with clients for sharing each condition, squeezing consumer needs etc. It tighten relationship among them, and helped the optimization for product development.

Japanese Spirit

Conventionally, it working like family in Japan, it often represents in the crisis. When the World financial crisis had influenced Japanese economy, he never fired employees, and inspired them work for each prosperity. This is one of the Japanese management style for cherishing the all members.

Appropriate pricing

Those days, when the radio had developed, caused highly competitiveness lower the product price. At the same time, there so many failure products with cheap, he determined to promote more expensive one for proper profit and consumer intent.

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Japanese Marketing Case Study