Marketing Case Study Panasonic 5

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study24

For the progress of globalization, no order will proceeding tremendously, supported by online business, no longer selling the products shifting to network. Among such turmoil, dramatically advantage indispensible for all enterprise to survive. You can see the story of Panasonic, what genuine their strong point is.

All the giant embracing their original hit point, moreover it is often distinguished than the other competitiors. In terms of Panasonic, all the sales network well-functioned for pushing and elaborate illustration. Everyday accumulation of their taking efforts leading their presence into the top.


In accordance to increase the orders through government, or any enterprise for industrial machinery, adjusting the structure with separating the BtoB sales team into independent project. Since shifted rapidly, all the competitors needed to catch up their strategy.

Consolidation and Separation

On the process for corresponding the market condition, rotated these phenomenon. For the first step, specific expertise required, so whole sales and development working peer to peer. After it spread enough, all departments separated for independent.

Service Operations

Accompany of sales increasing for BtoC business, quality control, service management these necessities came up to operate. For that set the service oriented company for distributing any parts of repairing to their consumer, aiming to enhance the engagement with Life Time Value.

Service Succession

For succeeding service philosophy to all members, founded training center, whom concerned could learn the method, philosophy, mission etc. Dealing the all members as family, it’s just their mission and vision.

High Quality Control

For the smooth delivering between each division, enacted the rule, reporting each quality of product. Through this network, it realized to spread it swimmingly. Furthermore conduced to maintain the standardization of quality.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study24