Marketing Case Study Panasonic 6

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study25

In accordance with the rapid growth among bubble, their life-style, business, surrounding had tremendously changed. Electric makers took a significant role as representative in Japan. Initially, exporting or localizing with hand-in-hand each region, moreover require social responsible as a leader in the domestic market.

Panasonic also reputable Japanese enterprise, exporting to overseas. For bringing their presence as well as social leader, positively adapting innovative system, circumstances in-out offices.

All their mind still remaining in Japan, adding, it succeeding in the next generations.

High wages, efficiency

In those days, still not pave the system for taking holidays or relaxing in Japan. To enhance their efficiency, both rest with dealing as equilibrium to ordinary work. Under the severe market condition, though seems severe for maintaining, he proclaimed to regard it as first priority.

Community association

For engaging brand management, it aggregate the numerous addicted into the community for squeezing their needs. Nowadays, online communities bigger presence, for a long times ago, there already real community system emerging in Japanese market.

Social Responsibility

As well as getting famous, it indispensable to be in charge of social responsibility. Contributing to the development countryside, aggressively established the factory to correspond the regional needs, furthermore awaken the sleeping prosperity.

Engineering Promotion

Expanding their technologically expertise, it revealed on exhibition. In 1970, biggest expo held in Osaka, they also participated in it with up-to-date their asset. It was highly opportunity to take it exposure for public, moreover visitors from overseas.

Consumer First

Even if once bunch of bothering came to them, managed to overcome severe situation with philosophy “Consumer First”. For repairing, correspondence to consumer voice, establish specific organization.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study25