Marketing Case Study Toyota 14

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study44

Automatic driving potentially swallows the entire industry. Japanese makers hold their superiority to create the manufactures. Even that highly competitiveness, perhaps no longer sufficient to keep position as leading whole market. Domestic sales seems to become stagnant, worse it dwindling, means not only for increasing the primitive profit, but combine with up-to-date tech into that.

Toyota had been exporting their presence into the global market. Not only for selling their products, but dwelling each region, likewise sitting on the same table. That’s the one perspective, Toyota highly signified to manage their global marketing system. Beating the recession over the bubble, it embraces core competence, to contribute on the each social circumstances.

Specific Product

For achieving the monthly over 10 thousands, embarked on the reinforcement of facilities. Coincidently, opened the second model of Corona, brought it to the market. Once undergone the trouble, so the next, improved the entire process to prevent it again.

Total Quality Control

Learned from their past failure, process management is necessary requirement for continuously producing high quality vehicles. Adding the more strictly, entirely control their system, carried out two proclaims, thoroughly penetration of high quality, and cooperation beyond each divisions.

TQC Management

Reducing the bad claims, tighten of administrative each fundamental. Through the examination, remaining the issues on the process for supervising. Educating the all managers to monitor the process, and should instruct the method to stably keep high quality product management.

TQC function

Entirely adapting TQC system, enacted whole direction, embracing the 5 years project, and QC establishment. Each functions respectively, disciplined the process across onto the different board. Thus, all divisions enable to see the confirmation, how it overlapping the role, on the whole project.

Deming Prize

Following the public reputation, applied for the Deming prize. Incrementally penetrated, their sense toward entire improvement. As a scrutinized survey, the committee judged to authorized Toyota for that standard. More strongly to adapt on the management, to manipulate originally quality control.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study44