Marketing Case Study Toyota 15

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study44

Internet will getting closely union with transporting solutions. Positively, big data giant approaching to physical producers, respectively aiming for the flourish to create innovation. Data assembles sits as the entire brain to control naturally carrying our presence. That’s terrible sign for primitive industrial leaders, it surging new wave for whole data innovation option.

Japanese economy ever experienced, overwhelmingly growth from 1955 to 1970. In compare to other developed countries, that was by far notable momentum. Coincidently, domestic automobile sold quite well among affluent citizens, here and there, highly penetration rate to possess each own cars. Which brought excessive pavement for public railway or other new projects.

Free Trade Enact

Since 1960, Japanese economy had been opened to the public market, alleviate the friction for exchanging rate to in-out. Approximately the same time, government proclaimed to ramping up the whole globally competitiveness, categorized the genre to heavily focusing the resources to beat the game beyond the severity.

Strategic Cooperation

Expanding their region, prepared the opportunity to cooperate with Hino, Inc. Mixture with the knowledge for track, and synergize it, combine to Toyota Production System. Furthermore, strategize small car producing system onto their new market, besides usual sales.

Driving Motorization

Causing the big motorization wave, invented public type “Carola”, intent to convince the family usage, improved the entire system, included engine, driving experience, seat, comfortableness. As soon as it appears, brought the outstanding boom, and it was greater outcome.

Motor Sports

Developing the up-to-date engine, start to participate in the motor sports competition. Rather than to exhibit new models, racing for pursing renovating their technologies to catch up with the global standards. Accordingly getting more popular, it resized more smaller to gather the attention of audiences.

Trend Saturation

Since it penetrated among the public, ordinary driving the car, it requires to correspond the customer demands. Per user layer, it separated each strategy, and responded to their direct voice, meeting for the comfortableness. Around these times, marketing was core resources to gain the attraction.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study44