Marketing Case Study Toyota 17

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study46

Government arbitrary bring up specific industries for revival. Automobile is one of the promising business to regain of empowerment, wake up on the severe circumstance. On the developed pavement, concentrated authorization is no longer meaningful to stimulate whole industry, but recovery on the zero, similarity watering to ruined scenery for hoping landscape.

Toyota boosted their business presence to the international market. That represents of Japanese aggressively expanding with promising landscape. Massive investment sometimes bring us bad impressions, nevertheless bubble economic whispered to us, no limited for our growth. Toyota overcame quite severities, again and again, with fully hoping to the Japanese revival.

Resource Allocation

Preparing for the free trade opening, pursuing the high productivity, to catch up with the global standard. Effectively manipulation, allocated all resources into specific process, to correspond the market needs. According to this movement, established some organization to support these system.

Systemic Management

Controling entire system, proactively adapt the new system. Through automatic conveyor process, effectively constructed whole parts into the car. Uniformly painting, adapted cutting edge, reduce the wasted for lubricate entire processing. Electric calculator worked as managing productivity, and cost reduction.

Dealing System

Distributing stably on entire domestic market, learned from US style, established originally retailing system. It regulates, 1, based on local capital, and resources. 2, small vast, but much numbers. 3, Concentrated on capital area with multiple stores. 4, Pre-payment system

Knock down exporting

Embarking on the international market extension, adapting knock down exporting style, it construct entire parts in each local area. It enables to optimize with respectively condition of the country style or nationalism. Flexibly absorbed each condition, and it applied for whole productivity.

Go for Europe

First landing in Denmark, and gradually expanding their network to entire European market. Their target was non-producing automobile countries. Owing to the low cost operation, and maintenance, further minimum breakdown is also contributed to their highly sales result.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study46