Marketing Case Study Toyota 19

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study48

Driving experience almost turning into tech oriented direction. Sharing economic impact has been arising since huge Internet rookies corroding. Sleeping the car vacancy will potentially surpass the updating productivities. New automobile war has about to open, which giant going on holds the adequate weapons to beat the game, somewhat will lose on this turmoil.

Toyota announced to cooperate with Uber, upcoming winner on the sharing taxies. Any competitors, VW, GM or others will also catching up this cutting trend to embark on the same board. What means of this surging, the time on the unexpectable experience will welcome us to transport. Telecommunication is going to innovate ride sharing, but includes internal communication with cars. Unable to stop exciting for the future predictions.

Traffic Annoyance

So far, developed the traffic penetration among the citizens, upcoming the argument for jam, or accidents. To prevent these issues, Toyota originally investigate the reason, and promote the public to avoid such a tragedy. These inspires another concerns to do the same for safety experience.

Save our Life

In 1967, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard had established in US, it contains to instrument seat belt, energy absorbable steering, other tighten regulations. According to this issues, Japanese government also enacted the law, comprehensively embrace the structured to avoid the traffic accident.

Experimental Safety Vehicle

To explore the prevention of accident, Us, Western German, and Japanese cooperated to develop the testing cars. Japanese consist of capabilities to endure the collision with 80km velocities, and alleviate the impact to defend the riders. Finally attempted to adapt the entire public cars, their effort evaluated as a best sold with high safety.

Telecommunication monitoring

Toyota participated in the project, develop the devices to remote monitoring system, to avoid the highly dense traffic jam. It attached each automobiles to navigate the proper routes to prevent for. It aiming for metropolitan issues to solve through the cutting edge technologies, assembled with professional engineer or researcher, to invent the new innovation.


Toyota stated to whole members, making the good society through the cars, to contribute the public welfare, safety, convenience. It means to be proud of working as one citizen to take an important role. Automobile is no longer the vehicle, but almost the public legs for the people.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study48