Marketing Case Study Toyota 22

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study51

AI is the buzzword, that widespread, not only among Internet geeks, but penetrated on the new streams. Data accumulation will become the ingredient for composing of every physical visibilities. It says calling the time to react largely with new motorization. Google pronounced by far technlogical approach, that never permit to catch the path for others this moment.

Automobile histories told us some importants factors of successfully business development. Channel extensions is no doubt, that empowers potential to run it on the path to the goal. These days our channel, encounter the products, shifting from online to offline, that embrace meaningful answers, we should carefully go through that way.

Strong Salesforce

On the economical recession, Toyota allocated the resource to hire the more sales person, as well as education. Promote the retailing presence, independently funded for the new stores. Not only financial support, but systemized entire opportunities to meet consensus. Having the event to share the each idea, or made deeper mutual communication.

Extension in United States

Under the Nixon Shock, extended the distributing network in United States. Moreover concentrated the specific models to localize American style, on the fundamental relations between retail dealing and headquarter, behalf to compensate the risk of stocks. Cause the surging of small car booming, it attains unexpected sales.

Western Strategy from Japan

As well as into the eastern part, launched their business among European high competitive required market. For the England, under the lower consuming tax for the car, for France, cooperated with Swiss agency, for German, working with local distributors.

Overcome the disadvantage

Oil crisis directly damaged European sales, under the some emergency risks. Recovering these conditions, Toyota cooperated local German bank, and injected the resources for spreading the sales distribution. After the statically crisis ceased, locally promoted their presence, with customer support, and so on.

Local yielding

Each countries, politically propulsiving to yielding system in domestic market. Driving on this trend, Toyota participated in some opportunities to localize manufacturing system. As behalf of education, injected not only capital join, but technological assets, or human resources.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study51